Friday, March 18, 2011

Ad analysis

Dear all,

the following are the ads I have shortlisted for your exam. You can choose to talk about all of them or one or  more than one - whatever helps you to strengthen your argument.

questions or prompts for you when you are thinking about these ads:

Who is represented? Who is missing? Are there any stereotypes portrayed in these ads with regards to gender or class?
What kind of music, editing, camera work is used to create meaning?
What is the ideology that these ads are using or implying? Capitalist? Patriarchal? Cultural?

Remember, you want to see if there is an implied narrative beneath the obvious narrative, for instance in the paint ad we looked at in class there was an implied narrative about the importance of acquiring wealth and property. What is getting left out by these ads?

Please DON'T talk at length about the target audience and DON'T say things like the ad is telling us that if we drink tea we will become happy.

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